Need to lose a few pounds to fit into that dress?

Don’t Worry We All had to

That dress may be feeling a little too snug?  Don’t worry, it’s very possible to shed a few pounds in a short amount of time.  Even more possible if the wedding is a few months away.

Diet is everything

Watch what you eat, cut out carbs and processed sugars and you’ll lose 4 to 8 lbs in a month.    Simply find some new recipes and check the ingredients on the stuff you’re eating.   Watch out for anything with sugar and white flour.  White flour basically  goes through the same process as sugar and the body breaks it down into sugar, so be careful with that.  Eat whole wheat bread if you must have some carbs.   But if you really want to lose weight quickly then you must cut out all high carb foods, like rice, pasta, and bread.  It’s doable, and if you love your new look you may even decide to keep a low carb and sugar free diet even after the wedding!

Join a Fitness Class

Now not all fitness classes will make you lose weight and / or burn off fat.  In fact some of the fun ones, like Pilates , won’t help all that much.  You need to do a class that has high interval training.  High interval training will ensure you maximize your time and burn off fat quickly. High Interval Training classes, known as HIIT, is what you need to look for.  HIIT workouts are so effective that even 48 hours after your workout you will still be burning fat. Check here for more info on HIIT training: Feminine Fitness Force


Cut out carbs and refined sugars and join a HIIT based fitness class twice a week and you’ll lose a bunch of weight in no time!