What’s the right Suit or Tux for Man?

Suit or tuxedo? Bow tie or four-in-hand? Modern or Traditional? More likely than not your groom will put a lot of time and effort trying to find that suit that is perfect for this once in a life time occasion. Choosing your dress is probably still going to be more time consuming, however your man still has a few choices of his own to make. He’ll want to look good, feel comfy and match the  general theme of the wedding.


Getting the color right

While black will always be the most conventional tuxedo color, a range of tones are storming the scene. So, depending upon your location, the time of year and your groom’s individual choices, your groom can choose the most appropriate shade for your wedding.


Selecting a wool vs polyester suit/tux  is the next big choice to make.

While polyester is less expensive, wool is softer, more comfy, and a lot easier to use. And while you might be believing that wool is hot and scratchy, this isn’t really true! Wool is extremely breathable so you will be cool in the summer season however still warm enough in winter.

Does the season or weather really factor in when choosing a Suit?

While the weather, season and time of day of your main event  is something that will still contribute when making  your final choice, realistically, it is hardly a factor in the decision making process anymore. Most Groom’s decide on their suit based on the look and feel rather than season or timings.

Perfecting your  appearance takes work!

Bride-to-bes aren’t the only ones who have to stress over figure defects.   They might consider starting a combination of sit-ups, push-ups, jogging and cutting down on carbs if they plan on sporting a slim cut suit.  Slim suits are the popular choice these days, but you’ll need the right physic or some hard work  to pull it off. Alternatively, Grooms can still look great, by picking the right suit  that compliments their physique.

To summarize, if your wedding is the typical one, then your man will probably end up wearing a  classic all black  suit, made entirely of wool with a bow-tie.   However, it comes down to his style  and what makes him feel confident! Couples can have fun with various mixes to discover a complete appearance that fits your groom’s character while likewise accompanying the rule of your occasion.

Where to find the perfect suit

Typically, you would want to take your man  to go into a high end store like Indochino and make sure they get your measurements exactly perfect. Once you have your measurements right, it’s not unheard of to shop around for the best quality suit your money can buy.  Even if  you are not on a tight budget it doesn’t hurt to look out for sales, after all it is possible to find an even better suit that might typically be out of reach due to the high price tag. If you buy it in early enough, during low season, then a cheap suit may actually be an expensive suit marked down.

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