Honey Moon Planning time

Honeymoon Planning Checklist

You’re thinking about flowers, dresses, and invitationsbut what about plane tickets, passports, and flip-flops? Right, the honeymoon. Keep the planning stress-free with this guide.

Two Weeks Before

  1. Confirm everything.
    Call the hotel and any restaurants to confirm your reservations.
  2. Make copies of your documents.
    Have copies of your passport, visa, credit cards, driver’s license, and any other important documents in case something is lost or stolen. Leave a set with someone at home and pack one in your suitcase.
  3. Write down important phone numbers.
    If you are visiting a foreign country, know the location of the closest U.S. embassy. Also, have the phone numbers of your credit card companies so you can quickly call if there are any problems.
  4. Get some local currency.
    You can easily get cash from an ATM in any country, but having a little bit of money on hand (about the equivalent of $200) is a good idea—even if it’s just to take a cab to the hotel without having to stop at an ATM in the airport.
  5. Pack.
    Don’t wait until the week before the wedding, when you’ll be extremely busy. Pack what you can ahead of time. You can throw in toiletries at the last minute.

One or Two Days Before

  1. Confirm the hotel. Again.
    It can’t hurt. Just to give you peace of mind.
  2. Check the weather.
    If your destination is having an unseasonably cold week, you may want to throw in another sweater.
  3. Pack a carry-on for the flight.
    Have essentials, like your passport, cell phone charger, and anything else you tend to forget, ready to go.

I had to learn this the hard way.  Phones have become an often forgotten essential.  If your planning to use your phone or even just to upload some hot honeymoon photos then remember if your are travelling outside your country then you will want to to pick up a local SIM card to save on Data fees and even on Calls back home. Whether you have and Android or an iPhone it may take a few days to get it unlocked.  Find out how to unlock an iPhone at least 2 weeks before your trip so that you can use it internationally.

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